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Our Team



   Dr. Aubrey Degnan holds a  Ph.D. in humanistic psychology and is a spiritual teacher credentialed by both Eastern and Western traditions.  She is a minister performing wedding and assisting in the process of death and dying. She teaches self-healing for cancer clients and other chronic pain conditions.  Her primary purpose is to help souls open into expanded states of consciousness while simultaneously being grounded in daily life. 


In her book, "Luminous, the Soul's Journey to Enlightenment" she shares personal experiences of enlightenment, emptiness, bliss, third eye vision, medical intuitive seeing, kundalini openings, as well as the struggles that accompany the spiritual path.  She shares the inspirational training and the hard lessons learned while studying and often apprenticing under powerful international teachers: Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche (Tibetan, Vajrayana tradition), Dr. Claudio Naranjo (Chilean, Enneagram transmission), Dr. Zhi Gang Sha (Chinese, Body Space Medicine), Dr. Fritz Perls (German, Founder of Gestalt Therapy), Dr. Joseph Busey (American, Reichian therapist), Bob Hoffman and Dr. Ernie Pecci (American, Founders of Fisher Hoffman Therapy).  She is the Founder and Director of Healing Our Future, CA 501c3 dedicated to education.


Currently Aubrey teaches classes in "The Enneagram" in Sebastopol, sees couples and individuals, and has a free weekly national teleclass "Listen With Your Heart".  She offers transmissions for the path to Enlightenment, guiding students into the emptiness, the luminous, and bliss.


Her teachings present the development of consciousness from ego into the explosion and power of infinite light leading to connection with the Divine. Our innate human potential expands as our neural pathways open to higher frequencies of energy, electricity and light, into the greater journey of the soul...opening of the chakras, merging with golden liquid light as it gently moves up the spine to greet the magnificence of Divine Presence. In this progressive development, the accompanying spiritual powers or abilities (“seductive siddhis”) are mere indicators that one is on the path towards enlightenment.   “I am but in kindergarten,” says Dr. Degnan, describing the humility in her heart. 



Marcelle Kardush, Ph.D. integrates brain research, quantum physics, and timeless energy practices into her work.  Working with her provides you with the foundation which helps you have a fuller, richer, experience of your life.  She uses various modalities to heal, to transform, and to create new possibilities.  Her work centers on transforming our beliefs concerning healing, disease and the structure of reality within which we live.  Dr. Kardush received her Ph.D. from the University of California in Berkeley in 1968 and is a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at San Francisco State University.  She is currently working in the San Luis Obispo area in California with Medical Doctors to bring about a true integration of mind, body, spirit.


Tom McConnell, Ph.D. has a wide academic background with degrees in Religion, Sociology, Computer Science, and Paleontology.  He has taught graduate and undergraduate level courses at the University of Washington and South Dakota School of Mines.  Having traveled widely in diverse disciplines and cultures, he uses these experience to help others better understand the human condition.  His first voyage into "the nothingness" occurred when he was 11 years old.  His first formal lessons in meditation were from a Laotian Buddhist monk across the river from where Tom was stationed pursuing US intelligence interests.  Tom is a Master of Tai Chi and has taught emphasizing the internal aspects of this discipline.  For  those who ask, he helps them reach that inner condition of communion.   He also has earned a Black Belt in Judo. His real love is comparative religions and the spiritual paths humans traverse to reach their spiritual goals.  He believes his greatest contribution for students is an introduction to Critical Thinking and the perspective shift of "take one step back and look again".  "We take ourselves too seriously," he quips, adding" Base your spirituality on knowledge, NOT belief; and never, NEVER, think you have it 'locked in'. When you stop questioning, you stop growing."