What is in this book.


             Table of Contents

chapter 1                   My Enlightenment

chapter 2                   Unfolding of the Path

chapter 3                   Beginning

chapter 4                   Psychology of Enlightenment

chapter 5                   Good Teachers Hurt

chapter 6                   Master Zhi Gang Sha

chapter 7                   Parable of the Little Soul

chapter 8                   Opening Spiritual Channels

chapter 9                   Transforming Darkness into Light

chapter 10                 Inner Vision

chapter 11                 Open Your Heart!

chapter 12                 Blessings and Transmissions

chapter 13                  Karma:  Causality not Punishment

chapter 14                 Expansion Follows Constriction: Spiritual Testing

chapter 15                 Training as a Spiritual Healer

chapter 16                 Up Close and Personal

chapter 17                 Soul Travel

chapter 18                 Portals to Enlightenment


Luminous is a guide to assist you in your daily life to realize Enlightenment within this very lifetime.  This book is based upon my personal experience, subsequent understanding, and integration that yield results.  These teachings and the techniques that are presented are powerful. 


I share top spiritual wisdom teachings gleaned from Enlightened teachers who have taught me over the past thirty years.  I share what I am empowered to teach. 


Everything that I write comes directly from my own experience and subsequent understanding.  The beauty of individual experience is that each of you will have a slightly different truth and a slightly different way of opening to the Divine.  So the true purpose of this book is to rekindle the spark within your soul and lovingly help you to open to your own experience, truth, and enlightenment.


Each of my teachers prior to meeting Master Sha has given me a precious piece of the puzzle.  It is Master Sha who brought me to Enlightenment, the purpose of my life.  I cannot write these words today without tears of gratitude coming once again.


Within this book I present a contribution to the field of psychology, a paradigm shift from the usual approach to psychotherapy into viewing the human mind from the perspective of our buddha nature or enlightened mind.  This is the Psychology of Enlightenment.


In the book, I give examples of the different states of consciousness that accompany this new paradigm.  I offer many tools to assist you in realizing these states directly.  The spiritual abilities that accompany expanded consciousness are discussed, stories are presented, and my direct experience is shared.  By following this format in each chapter, I hope to clearly present the experience, its significance, and application to your daily life. 


As a teacher I have incorporated many of these tools into my own work and added my own inspiration.  There are also many moments when the urgency of the moment brought me into the unknown, where my knowledge did not give me answers, and wiisdom then came directly in the act of giving service.


What is written in this book is the truth as it actually happened.  There were times of bliss and pain, joy and sorrow, struggle and freedom.