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Our Purpose


Our world, with its many cultures, is undergoing large shifts environmentally, technologically, and in our humanity.  How we relate to one another is a deep choice within each individual as well as within our society.  To relate with understanding, compassion, creativity, and respect for our differences, we must also internally live by the same values. 

Healing Our Future is dedicated to assisting individuals, couples, and communities develop healthy models for daily life.  Beginning this internal exploration, be it psychological, physical, mental, or spiritual we clear ourselves of past pains, poor relationships, incomplete communications, and unhealthy habits.  We clear by using a variety of alternative healing modalities.  We clear past traumas and stuck places within us.

Having cleared and healed we next discover the exciting possibilities within our lives—that we truly have the opportunity to live a life of passion, productivity, creativity, and spiritual expansion.

Our workshops are dedicated to this inner journey -- to helping people grow stronger and be of greater service to their community and our world.