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                                                                Our Services

                                                                 Spring 2013


                Workshops, Retreats, Tele-classes, Individual and Couple Sessions



“Quieting the Quivering Nervous System in PTSD”, a two day workshop for healing professionals; Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23, 10am-5pm, Sebastopol, CA; 12 CEU credits available through California Naturopathic Doctors Association.

*** Please see flier below.


“Many Paths, Many Portals”, a three day meditation retreat for alternative healers; Friday, June 28, Saturday, June 29, and Sunday, June 30, 9am - 8pm

*** Please see flier below.


“Natural Horsemanship – Colt Starting”, Presenter Dean Voigt, Monday, July 1, 6:30pm; for members of the Occidental Equestriennes Club


“Reichian Breath Work”-- for individuals available by appointment


“Couple Communication Skills”-- available by appointment


“Listen With Your Heart”, Weekly Tele-class, Sundays 8 am - 9:30 am; On-going seminar in cultivation of consciousness in daily life; 1.712.432.0180, pass code 319325#, Free


 For classes requiring registration and appointments, please call 707.829.1252 or email draubrey@comcast.net






A Retreat

June 28, 29, 30


Each soul is unique possessing past and future karmas, lessons to be learned, and relationships to be completed.  Therefore it is of the utmost necessity that your soul discovers your truth, pure nature, authenticity, motivations, and cultivation.  Hence we turn inward –discovering our path and portals to awakening. 


This is an awakening into Supreme Consciousness wherein you KNOW the unbounded never-ending fluidity of consciousness as it pours into you, and pours into each and every manifestation of the All.


And paradoxically, co-existing with this individuality of each soul is the archetypical journey that we continue to encounter and recognize we are but a grain of sand—there are many grains of sand going through similar, different, and identical experiences of unfolding. 


When one person shares their inner mystical state, it resonates with each of us.  Together we unfold.  For this we are deeply grateful.



Your personal work in this retreat:

  1. “Clearing Your Vessel”

Begin with where you are now.  Identify a current obstacle you would like to clear.  Come to our retreat prepared to move through this.


  1. “Cultivation of your Consciousness”

While many of you already have a morning prayer or daily meditation practice, is it evolving?  How can you become more present to what you are doing such that the fruits of your cultivation ripen?  a) Clarity about your personal guides, b) Opening morning prayer, c) Solidify your daily practice in life, d) Meditation into the dream state. Your personal objective within this retreat is to deepen these meditation practices.


  1. “Simultaneously Focus and Surrender”

Working with your mind, focus, strengthen the focus, hold the focus as it becomes “awareness without ego or thought”, then allow your cultivation to flow as you surrender. As we receive transmissions, we will follow this approach.

Transmissions to be given

Day 1:  AH, void, mirror meditation, dream state

Day 2:  T’Dumo, Maha Sukha

Day 3:  Padma Sambava-sky meditation


Contact:    Aubrey Degnan   707.829.1252               draubrey@comcast.net

Logistics: Bring walking shoes, warm jacket, cool daytime clothing, sleeping bag

Teachings: $200 or by donation                                       Food: $30 day, wine not included

Optional to spend night on site                                         Sleeping space: Please tell me your needs